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What is an ECM migration?

A Enterprise Content Management (ECM) migration is the transfer of content, workflows, meta data, information architecture, and user permissions from one platform to another. The ECM space is changing at a rapid pace, which makes your options more complex. 

ECM migrations can be fairly complex and may be subject to compliance and governance rules. This means you will need to use a thorough approach, or your migration project may fail.

Migrating your ECM platform:

There dozens of ECM platforms available, all of them having their pros and cons. People have a different opinion about which platform is the best. But whether you are migrating from Alfresco to Documentum, from Livelink to SharePoint, Alfresco to SharePoint, or HP Trim to Oracle WebCenter Content, the pitfalls are always the same. That’s why you need a proven approach to plan and carry out the ECM migration in a faster, cheaper, more efficient and more accurate way than traditional means.

  • Alfresco
  • documentum
  • filenet
  • hptrim
  • livelink
  • OpenText
  • oracle
  • SPOnline
  • Infoarchive

ECM Migration Software

Xillio has successfully carried out hundreds of ECM migrations in the last years at multinationals, small enterprises, universities and government institutions. For example, we did an automatic content migration from Oracle WebCenter Content to Alfresco using Xillio migration software along with Oracle WCC and Alfresco connectors. In addition, we migrated multiple repositories to one new central ECM. Download the below case studies to learn more about these projects. Or have a look at our migration clients list

Migrating Oracle to Alfresco Migrate Hummingbird, Livelink, SharePoint and file shares


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