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Analyze OpenText content prior to a migration

Either you are already using, or have chosen OpenText Content Server as your ECM platform and are on the verge of:

  • An upgrade from an older version of OpenText products (e.g. Livelink, eDOCS, Hummingbird,) to a newer version of OpenText Content Server;
  • A migration from another source system(s), such as file shares, SharePoint or any other content source to OpenText;
  • A migration from OpenText CS to a new central ECM solution (e.g. Alfresco, Oracle WebCenter, IBM FileNet);
  • A migration from OpenText CS to a collaboration environment, such as SharePoint Online.
  • Consolidation of content silos and migrate this content to a specific OpenText solution.

In any of the cases above, you will need to migrate your current content to the new system. Before you do so, it's advisable to analyze the content on the source system in order to determine which content has to be migrated. 

Xillio can run content analysis reports against all OpenText ECM products, including Content Server, LiveLink, eDOCS, and Hummingbird.

Content migration tool to migrate Documentum to OpenText CS

Migratie documentum to opentextNow that Documentum is acquired by OpenText, currently known as OpenText Documentum, you might consider migrating your Documentum environment to a new content management system, such as OpenText.  

During this migration, you want to make sure that all, or only a desired selection of, documents are migrated to a different solution without any impact on your business or to the integrity of the documents.

Xillio has the most expertise and years of experience in content migration. With Xillio, you receive proven methodology for a content migration from Documentum to OpenText. And, we have professional specialists who will make your OpenText import a success!

Features of a migration from Documentum to OpenText Content Server:

  • All Documentum items are exported, including renditions, content types, workflows, and access control lists
  • Transformation to the unified content model
  • Data is cleaned, enriched, or enhanced
  • Support for all OpenText CS features for import, including versions, multivalue fields, and object security
  • Performance optimization, an average of 7x faster than standard OpenText importers

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