Use Cases

What is your project? Xillio can be deployed for a large variety of use cases

Analysis & Insights

Xillio offers extensive analyses to help organizations improve and modernize their information landscape by providing insight into the quality and quantity of their unstructured data. Our file share analysis (FSA) and analysis of content management systems offer standard reports and visualizations that gives detailed information about, for example, duplicate files and ROT data.  

These analyzes can provide input for information governance, insights on necessary improvements in metadata, awareness about incorrect use of a system, a guideline for a migration plan and much more. 

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  • Standard reports and visualization
  • Quickly identify improvements
  • Turning visitors into leads.

Content & Web Migration

Migrating ECM systems
Nowadays, application rationalization, consolidation, getting rid of costly legacy systems and information silos are the main reasons for organizations to start a content migration project. 

Xillio software can connect to any content repository to transform data into uniform data models and to easily import content into the preferred target system. We offer multiple scenarios make sure your migration project is handled within time and budget. For example, we can migrate your legacy content to a temporary, searchable database so that your legacy system can be disabled and your content is still accessible.

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Website migration
Inter and intranet sites are complex in structure and contain various types of content. Transferring this to a new system is a challenging and time-consuming process. The principle of Xillio is to automate as much as possible through defining smart migration rules, so that manual work is kept to a minimum.

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  • Decrease risks of migrations
  • Decrease costs of legacy
  • Deliver your migration project on-time and on-budget

Translation Automation

Even the simplest translation poses a problem – the source might reside in a repository that the translation tool doesn’t recognize, so localization teams need to build or buy software to connect content source system(s) with translation technologies. 

Xillio simplifies this web of connections with the Localization Hub, a user-friendly and intuitive interface put on top of the Xillio API. Localization Hub supports CRUD (create-read-update-delete) requests from any TMS to any CMS. 

With Localization Hub, in-house localization teams can avoid the heavy lifting of connecting disparate content systems to the TMSes that manage translations.

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  • Connect disparate content systems
  • Decreasing number of CMS-to-TMS connection points
  • Experience seamless translation workflow


Building integrations sucks! It is difficult and eats up a lot of development resources. However, users demand and expect integrations with your application that work (almost) out of the box. Xillio is fully focused on helping software vendors delivering a good integration strategy and provides a world-class API to do so. 

Xillio offers a myriad of content connectors to multiple systems, such as cloud storage, legacy enterprise content management, web content management, digital asset management, marketing automation, source code repositories and many more.

Connectivity with these systems is achieved through the Xillio API. Using these connectors, there is no need to write custom integrations. You can easily integrate any repository in your business application and connect with more customers!

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  • Better competitive offering
  • Decrease development costs
  • Increase brand positioning

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