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Export and import of content and metadata with Documentum connector

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Integrating Documentum: Export and import of content and metadata with Documentum connector

The Documentum connector by Xillio enables you to migrate repositories, documents and metadata from and to EMC Documentum. By combining this connector with any of our other connectors, it is possible to migrate from Documentum to, for example, OpenText, Corsa (click here for the full list), or vice versa, or to integrate content from multiple content repositories.

The new connector also provides the ability to easily integrate and exchange data from EMC Documentum with other enterprise content repositories. This helps organizations integrate their many fragmented content repositories.

Especially for EMC Documentum migrations and integrations, Xillio has developed a connector that not only transfers or integrates documents, but also the document properties, metadata and relationships.

Export connector

When exporting from EMC Documentum all the functionality is exported, including renditions, content types, workflows and access control lists.

The Documentum export connector uses Xillio's Concurrency Package. This divides the export into two steps, which are carried out intelligently and in parallel, thus optimizing the performance:

  • Crawling all data in EMC Documentum; and
  • Transformation of the data to the unified data model, so that the data can be cleaned, enriched or can be improved and/or can easily be migrated to another DMS.


In this video we demonstrate the export connector for EMC Documentum.



Import connector

The import connector extracts data from the unified data model and imports it into the target system Documentum. Here, the source data is transformed so that the data conforms to the new data model, including the transfer of permission.

In addition, users and groups are automatically transferred to Documentum. During the transfer, transformation or enrichments are conducted to meet the retention requirements of the new system.


Main features of the connector:

  • Supports complex content migrations;
  • Exports all the functionality of EMC Documentum, including renditions, properties and users;
  • Optimal performance through the use of Xillio's Concurrency package.


In this video we demonstrate the import connector for EMC Documentum.

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Now OpenText has acquired Documentum you are maybe thinking about your content management strategy. One of the options would be migrating away from Documentum to an alternative ECM system. In addition, you could also keep your Documentum repository as it is and integrate it with other systems you use, for instance cloud applications like Dropbox, Box, or other collaboration systems like SharePoint.

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  • In case of a migration, how can you detect which data is valuable?
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